My favourite 5 Fairy Tale mages

This Post might have some spoilers for new fairy tale readers/viewers.

Here is the list of my 5 favourite Fairy tale Mages!

  Well he is the main character and he is      also a badass character! His love for his guild and his father (Igneel) gives him the strength to fight anyone! He is strong and like most main characters from same genre he is not intelligent too(luffy,goku etc..)! But his commitment towards his guild is unbelievable!


2. Erza
     Erza Scarlet is a S-class mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, the strongest still active female, and one of the main female protagonists in Team Natsu. At first everyone was scared of her as she was really strict, but later on she is not that much strict as she was before. She is an really awesome mage and veryyy strong one too!!!


3. Gray
     He is Natsu’s friendly rival and an mage with ice magic. Gray is most comfortable with less clothes(or none)
He is also scared of Erza like Natsu. At a certain point in the story he will also remind you of sasuke….


 Well at the beginning he is an evil man with lots of strength. But later its shown that he was possessed and was  doing things because of possession. He is actually a good guy. He and Erza have a close relationship too.


5. Lucy
     At first i thought her character was like Sakura (weak)… well but afterwards i realised that she was actually pretty strong! Her magic is Celestial Spirit Magic! She can summon real strong spirits.


Here was my list. Hope you liked it!


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