Mob Psycho 100 First Impression

From One-Punch Man creator ‘one’ comes another amazing Anime Mob Psycho 100!
Here main Protagonist is a Middle School boy with psychic powers.
The characters have close resemblance to character from One-Punch man and Mob looks similar to Saitama. Even the personality’s are the same.



So the story starts with Reigen who says he is a psychic and can exorcise ghost. But he is a fake psychic and does not have any power. Mob is Reigen’s student and whenever he needs to exorcise a spirit Reigen calls mob to do it and says to Mob that the spirit was to weak for him.
Mob does not actually want to relay on his psychic powers but wants to develop a good personality so he joins the body building club in his school.
He has a brother who is smart and intelligent, mob wants to be more like his brother. But his brother wants to have psychic powers like mob.


The real cool factor is the Mob Explosion. It is a kind of meter which when it reaches 100, Mob’s personality changes and he becomes super strong like thing. He actually cannot handle that power well.
The opening track and background track during fight scenes is really good too.


I actually like this anime and i am waiting for new episodes now!

Well this is what i think of Mob Psycho 100.


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