The Garden of Words impression(short)

The garden of words is a Japanese animation movie released in 2013

image (Spoilers ahead)

My rating: 8/10
Art style:10/10

My impression:
Takao is a 15 year old boy who aspires to be a shoemaker. Now Here a shoe is a shown not only as a shoe but also as a way to support people. In the movie the shoe plays the part of a connecting bridge between the two(a small part ). The shoe shows that Takao wants to support people but he also wants to achieve his dreams/goals.
I personally feel the story is kinda deep or its just me.
The garden and the rain also plays an important part as the garden acts as a meeting place for them and the rain is the only time when Takao would skip school and go to the garden.
Yukino is a teacher at Takao’s school and Takao does not know her. Yukino realises that he is a student from her school but remains silent about it(if my teacher was this forgiving :-X ).
So now.. i actually did not understand what exactly was wrong with Yukino-sensei… well she was being bullied…that part i understood….but what was the taste disorder thing and practing walking in the garden thing?
I felt that the story unfolded a bit fast…..but the emotions reached me…..

The climax:

I liked it how it ended and they shared thier feelings and parted ways… was straight forward……
Well that was my impression…. it was not much there are many other things in this movie which have a deeper meaning… tons of them.

Thanks for reading :-).


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