Persona is a really big franchise which at it’s core is a Game first and Anime later. The Persona games are really huge and the latest release Persona 5(2016) has got an anime adaption like its predecessor Persona 4. One good thing about Persona is that none of the stories are connected or inter-linked together,so that is a good thing for people who want to get in the series.

Now they obviously have two options 1. To watch the anime or 2. Play the game.

I am gonna talk about Persona 5 right now because it’s a New addition and is in the limelight now.

Persona 5(Game): So the game definitely has some major advantages like The whole story is very well explained(100 hr+to complete the game), You can actually experience the world of Persona, there is lot of customization options etc. The reviews for the game are all in 9’s out of 10. The soundtrack and the character development are the most important element of the game.Also they have constant updates and all.

Persona 5(Anime):Well it is a good anime but that’s it. As a standalone anime it might have been on the great side but it’s based on the game which has over 100 hrs of story, well of course an 24 episode anime can’t really show the whole story in detail yet it does a fine job of showing most of the important stuff. Animation is not the most amazing one but well again not bad. Strong point of the anime is the soundtrack which are the same from the game.

I would tell you to go and play the game but if you don’t have a ps4 and are not willing to buy one then you should probably watch the anime. It’s just that the Anime is good but the game is amazing.


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