One punch man Season 2 Episode 3 review/first impression(spoilers)

This was a really good episode. We actually saw some real action this time.

The whole episode was filled with action and the arc is building up nicely.

In this episode we see how strong Garou really is as he fights S-rank Tanktop Master. The fight was really intense as two really strong people were fighting. In the end Garou was the one remaining standing as his martial arts moves were a bit too much for the Tanktop Master. Also Mumen rider was beat up really badly by Garou.

This episode was a bit dark in compare to the first two episodes.

Saitama and Garou did meet momentarily, but Saitama didn’t knew who he was nor did Garou knew about Saitama. Garou attacks him thinking that he is just a random hero, but gets knocked out by Saitama.Thats where the episode just ends.

Overall an amazing episode, i think the later episodes will be even better.