Anime update

So there are some new anime, well new season and i am really excited to watch them.

There is FLCL and then kings avatar s2.

I will be reviewing them both and some other anime that i recently came across.

I have been away from the anime and manga scene a while but i am back now.


First Impression of One Piece!

Well who does not know about One Piece! Named also as One of the greatest anime. But i had not watched a single episode till the last month. One reason for not being able to watch is… well the first episode had aired when i was not even born(i was born in the same year)! Another because when i actually got into Anime one piece had already over 650+ Episodes! But i wanted to watch it and at last i have started watching it! Now i am at episode 70 and it is really awesome!

I personally like Zoro as he is strong and a skilled swordsman. Luffy is great too and a lot strong and has great determination! I first thought Nami was a traitor….but then i understood her real motives….Sanji should have been a football player (*cough) well his kicks are real strong! Ussop has a great aim! And conclusion is……One Piece is really awesome!
This(the pic above) Part was really Awesome!!!#squadgoals

Thanks for reading! Hold on for more posts!!!

Kakashi’s Face Revealed (Anime) and more news!

In Naruto Shippuden Episode 469, Team seven try again to find out whats under Kakashi’s mask ( his face)…..well but they fail again! But the audience gets to see Kakashi’s face…. so here it is (these are screenshots)
First With mask





So here it is Ta-da!!!
Well another news here…. kakashi’s face was revealed in manga a long time ago…so does it mean that the anime
will switch to main storyline instead of the fillers? I only hope so… but i dont want the anime to end so fast….there are 5-6 or a bit more canon episodes left.
Thats it for today….. brace yourselves for new posts!!